International Journal of Epidemiology

IF: 7.196(2020), 10.422(5year)

Public Health Nutrition

IF: 3.182(2019-2020) From:


IF: 4.822(2020)

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

IF: 6.437(2020)

Annals of Epidemiology

IF: 3.797 (2020)

BMC Public Health

IF: 3.295(2year) From:

Public Health

IF: 2.427(2year) From:

Journal of Public Health

IF: 2.341(2020), 2.654(5year)

Frontiers in Public Health

IF: 2.125(2019-2020)

Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health

IF: 1.399(2020)

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

IF: 3.71 (2020)

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